bookmark_borderTips For Creating A Great Space To Relax In Your Home

Our homes are a place to relax and enjoy the fruits or our labors. Every morning we get up, fight traffic and do tasks that will end up giving us a paycheck at the end of the week. When we get home all we want to do is go home and rest in our florida rooms.

Have a large open area

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The first thing that you want to do is have a large open area. We don’t want to feel Closter phobic in our own homes. During the course of the week we may find ourselves trapped in a small office and this is an experience we don’t want to take home with us.

Make your space functional

If you have a great space that is relaxing than we want to make sure it is functional. This means that we want to make sure it is a space that will allow us to live in and not just pass through. You want a place to sit, watch television and even enjoy a drink. When you have company they should feel comfortable as well.

Decorate with colors that you love

When decorating your room you want to make sure you use colors that you love. We all have our favorite color and if we don’t than this might be the time for you to pick a few to try out. When painting your room make sure that you see how the light plays on the walls as well.

Make your room beautiful

We don’t want our rooms to be filled with so many things that all of them become cluttered. We want to have items that help accent the room. When you look at a specific part of the room it should tell a story or bring back a memory.