bookmark_borderCool Ideas To Have In Your Bathroom

The bathroom is a place we go to do what we need to do. Many of us really don’t put much though into design aspects or atmosphere. In fact, for the most part many of us go in there and read a book, look at a magazine or if you are like me, play games on my phone. However, spending time and coming up with some cool bathroom ideas in oklahoma city, ok can really improve the feeling of your room.

Shower curtain

The first thing that you might want to change out is your shower curtain. A lot of people purchase curtains that are too short. This can be annoying because it causes water to get on the floor and also makes your bathroom a little dark.

The best shower curtain length is around 90 inches long. This way, you will not have problems with leaks and you won’t be having accidents where you cut off the light from the bathroom.

bathroom ideas in oklahoma city, ok

Add more lighting

You don’t want a dark bathroom. Adding more lighting will help open it up and make it more attractive. One thing that I really like to recommend is to add a light on the side of your bathroom.

Lighting will allow you to read better and it will also help with putting make up on.

Also, don’t forget to install a dimmer switch for this lighting. When you get in the shower or bathtub, you don’t want bright lights.

Change out your fixtures

A lot of people like to purchase fixtures that are too big or overpowering for their bathroom. This can make it so your bathroom looks cluttered and overly busy. One thing that I like to recommend is picking fixtures that match the style of your home, but also will fit in with the overall look of the bathroom.